The Open House in May was well attended.  Was your voice heard?

A public open house was held this month to outline and solicit input from the community regarding the Fromme parking lot as proposed by the District of North Vancouver.

It was well attended by local residents and to no surprise, continues to be a polarizing topic.

It has been a long standing issue that was the catalyst for the Fromme Mountain Sustainable Trail Use and Classification Plan.

The NSMBA supports the DNV to resolve this long standing issue of parking to access Fromme for all users, not just mountain bikers.  We seek harmony and acceptance in the community.  Our belief is that the 50-75 unit parking lot will be heavily used and quickly over run on weekends. Therefore, an essential part of the solution which needs to occur simultaneous with the new parking lot, is to encourage dispersed parking through developed trail access at Dempsey/Braemar.

Local residents shared their views with District staff at the recent open house.

Some local residents expressed concern and voiced opposition to the proposed parking lot.
The NSMBA believes the mountain is a shared community resource that requires access for all users.