Fromme Trail Classification Plan
We know that many of you have heard the rumours that the District of North Vancouver is implementing the Fromme Trail Classification Plan this year. Indeed, we can confirm that the district has has approximately $500K to spend on Fromme. But despite what you may have heard, this is not necessarily the death bell of trails on Fromme. The DNV is planning to complete a broad range of projects that will affect all trail users and they may include: signage, forest management, planting of restorative vegetation, and yes, trail changes.

Trail Walkthroughs and Permitting
Since February, the NSMBA has been working with the DNV on completing trail walkthroughs on Fromme. During a walkthrough, representatives from the DNV and the NSMBA meet with the trail maintainer to develop an understanding for the vision of the trail and work to be done during the year. Areas of concern, such as trail erosion and riparian area crossing, are identified and work plans are agreed upon. At the end of a walkthrough (which usually takes at least 4 hours), the maintainer is generally issued a trail work permit for the year. So far we have completed walkthroughs and permits have been issued for Espresso, Lower Oilcan, Lower Crippler, Digger, and Boundary. Additional permits for Ladies Only, King of the Shore, Natural High and Floppy Bunny have also been issued. Walkthroughs for Air Supply, Jerry Rig, Grannies and Upper Crippler have been completed with positive feedback, however additional discussion is still needed and no plans have been finalized as of yet.

From a landowners perspective, the DNV has an obligation and bureaucratic need to be knowledgeable about, oversee, and approve any changes or improvements to the trail network. The NSMBA and the maintainers on Fromme have an enormous amount of experience and knowledge about the mountain and how to build and maintain trails. By organizing these walkthroughs, the NSMBA is working to develop a mutual understanding of interests, formalize agreements, and build a positive working relationship with the landowners on the North Shore.

The Future on Fromme
Trail walkthroughs and working closely with other trail stakeholders are small steps in a positive direction. With input from our members, the trail maintainers, and other trail user groups, we are working towards detailing a vision for the Fromme trail network that keeps trails on Fromme for all and forever.