First Ever Machine Built Bike Trail Begins on Fromme!

Owen Thomas, head trail builder of the DNV crew, begins to sculpt the new Bobsled!

Bobsled on Fromme has been closed as the new line has begun to be built.  Work began this Thursday as the DNV Work crew broke ground.  With an average grade of 10%, it is going to be a trail for beginners, with enough flow and bermage for advanced riders to enjoy as well.  Estimated time of completion is end of August.  It is a monumental time in the history of Fromme as the DNV ushers in a new era.  As the plan to create a trail system for the community moves forward, this is the beginning of great things to come.   Comparable in principle to Half Nelson in Squamish, it is a project that will be another positive step forward for the community and also creates tourism opportunities by creating a trail for all levels of rider.

Wade Simmons, NSMBA Trail Ambassador & Owen Thomas, head DNV trailbuilder, discuss berms, flow and trails for all!

New signs are being erected and repairs made to trails throughout the mountain.  Some old structures are in an expired state and therefore unsafe and are being removed by the efforts of the DNV crew.  On an assessment of Dream Weaver this week, walking across one of the bridges, a stringer gave way and broke, underlining the importance of the work the DNV is embarking upon.  Dream Weaver is now closed as the DNV begins the unforeseen need to inspect and rebuild the bridges in ill repair.  Wherever possible, the DNV is using rough cut cedar, especially on structures with grade.  The crew are mountain bikers themselves, thus giving them invaluable insight as to what is of importance when repairing structures/trails.

In discussions between the DNV, the NSMBA and the original builder of Skull, Todd Fiander, the new entry to Skull has been decommissioned with support of all and the original entry remains.

As the DNV continues to move forward with the implementation of the Fromme Trail Classification Plan, the NSMBA continues to work with them and support their efforts.