Its a new era! NSMBA Directors Wade Simmons & Adam Walsh (far left/right) have a group hug with the DNV Trail Crew, Alex Walton and Amanda Turner.

Progress on Bobsled is moving forward at a rapid rate.  The DNV trail crew is on target for a projectected completion end of August.  Owen Thomas, DNV Head Trailbuilder, has been using the excavator to remove organic material exposing a trail of gold that now spans nearly a full kilometer.  

Wade gets sideways on one of the golden berms…Adam throws in a one hander!

"There's a lot of rocks under the organic material."  Amanda Turner, one of the DNV trail crew, has been working hard packing berms, tamping rollers and removing plenty of rocks.  Attention is being given to grade in respects to dispelling water as well as drainage.  Proper grade, drainage, and line choice combined with utilizing upgrade out of fast sections to naturally slow the rider vs braking, means it will be a trail that requires little maintenance once settled.  Average grade will be approximately 10 degrees.

Conscientious line choice veers far from any root systems and not a single tree will be harmed in the making of this trail.  When the line is completed, the NSMBA will work with the DNV on naturalization of the trail and the surrounding forest floor.

James Healy is a pro photog, rips on two wheels, plus knows how to sculpt trail, just look at the stoke on Nathaniel in the back!

"Right now, we could use some rain for these berms!"  Alex Walton, another DNV crew member, kicks his foot into a 5 foot wide berm, sending up a plume of dust.  The berms are works of art, buffed and tamped, just waiting to firm up with some moisture.  That rain should hopefully come this weekend.  Its been an incredibly dry July as we all well know.

This is a trail that welcomes beginners into the sport, something woefully missing on the Shore.  It will also be a trail that provides an opportunity for intermediate riders to work on their skills.  There will be one short section of boardwalk over a natural drainage basin but other than that, there will be no stunts or features on the trail, but humps can be doubled if strategically ridden. 

Owen comes out of the excavator to update NSMBA Trail Ambassador Wade Simmons and Adam Walsh.

The excavator is nearly through to the road at the bottom and the trail crew is following close behind  sculpting succulent berms and tamping rollers out of glorious gold.  The DNV Trail Crew is doing an exceptional job creating a trail that will serve the community, promoting health and fitness for the community of North Vancouver through the sport of mountain biking and the positive aspects in fostering respect for the outdoors and the beauty of nature.  The NSMBA supports them in their efforts. 

Please be aware we will be calling out to our members and riders in the community very soon to ask for volunteers to finalize and naturalize the trail.