$100 000 for North Shore Trail Revitalization

Vote for the NSMBA starting Dec 2


There is a bright future for the trails on the North Shore Mountains. But today, the trails need our help more than ever. The NSMBA is a volunteer run, non-profit charity striving to revitalize the trail network on the North Shore Mountains for all users, keeping alive a network of nature trails that will echo through generations to come. Our mission? Trails for all, trails forever.

The allure of this great wilderness draws large numbers of visitors from near and far to connect with nature and escape from the increasing pressures of urban living. Trails weave through dense groves of ferns in forests of giant trees, along rushing creeks, their banks thick with moss. It is a true rainforest paradise. The North Shore Mountain Bike Association wants to keep it that way. But some of these trails were built over 40 years ago, in a climate that sees over 2000 mm of rain per year. Time has taken its toll, leaving trails in desperate need of repair. Now is the time to act before the work becomes insurmountable. We have a plan.

Vote for “Trails for all, trails forever” at

Aviva Community Fund.org


Voting begins Dec 2 and you can vote everyday until Dec 15.

It’s our opportunity to pull together as a community and work towards a common goal; Trails for all, trails forever.