Who doesn't love Halloween, bikes and costumes?
We're putting on a special Halloween Fiver on Fromme. 
Saturday October 31st.
It will be a rolling start with a one hour window as we've used on our weekend night Fiver's. Start any time between 10am to 11am.
We are also hosting a Kids Halloween Bobsled Ride!
For all kids and families who love to ride Bobsled.
Meet dressed up at the water towers at 12pm
Ride up to Bobsled and enjoy a decorated ride down.
Candy, witches and hot coco at the bottom!
Costumes are highly encouraged.
We're planning two course options. The one course will match our more typical style and level of trails used in previous Fivers/Toonies. The second course will be stepping it up to ride some classic old school technical. 
Course Details
Course A:
Floppy – Upper Griffen – Pile of Rocks – 7th – Leopard – Crinkum Crankum – Kirkford
Course B:
Floppy – Upper Griffen – Pile of Rocks – Bookwus – Grannies – Digger
You get your choice of the mostly freshly buffed out 7th side or old school tech. 
Please please ride the old school tech cautiously and in control. More than a few little sections on this that isn't "racing". Remember it's just a fun Fiver please don't get hurt. 
Remember must be an NSMBA member to participate.