Why were these trails selected?

(All black & double black trails were considered in the decision making process)

First of all, we would like to thank everybody who contributed financially to this campaign. Your contribution made it clear that our membership wants challenging trails on the north shore.

While we considered all black and double black trails in our inventory for the heritage campaign sleelction, the following factors ultimately moved us to select Ladies Only and Lower Ladies as the Heritage Trail Campaign trail;

  • The Land Manager is willing to grant a permit for the level of work proposed;
  • Built prior to 1995;
  • Popular trails that are recognizable and provide visibility;
  • Trails that riders, from beginner to advanced, aspire to ride confidently;
  • Exemplify “Shore” style riding;
  • Provide black & double black diamond level trail features and elements; and
  • Have not seen substantial community investment in many years.


Furthermore, in the case of Ladies Only and Lower Ladies:

  • The ongoing efforts of the original builder “Digger” are the predominant reasons why these trails have been maintained over the last 25 years.  The NSMBA and our community have contributed a limited amount of resources to the development, maintenance and enhancement of this trail.  As a community we now need to get behind this initiative and help protect and enhance two of the North Shores’ crown jewels.
  • The choice of Ladies also fits the NSMBA’s mantra of providing progression as rebuilt and enhanced Ladies will allow for riders to hone and progress their advanced skills.  This will be of benefit as we work to gain further permits to revitalize other Black and double black diamond trails.
  • Ladies Only is a must ride for local and visitors, being on many people’s bucket list; and
  • Ladies will turn 25 in 2017!