Giving to the NSMBA Heritage Fund will allow us to focus specifically on the second part of our vision: Trails for all. Trails forever. Help us preserve some of the forgotten splendor.

Help maintain what made us. Honour our heritage.

The North Shore is said to be the cradle of single track riding in the biking world. In the early 90’s, a hand full of mountain bike enthusiasts started building loam lines and wooden structures in this  rough terrain. What started as a test of courage for an exclusive bunch of mountain biking experts has grown to entire networks of various trails, providing fun and recreation to an ever growing community of trail users. Maintained and kept alive by volunteers, some trails are neglected as trail development progresses and adapts to the changes in technologies and use.  

This campaign aims to preserve our heritage – the legendary lines and structures and the reason for our world renowned reputation. With your support to the NSMBA Heritage fund will allow us to allocate resources specifically to maintain those classic black diamond and double black diamond trails – the reason for our world renowned reputation.

Founded in 1997 , the North Shore Mountain Bike Association (NSMBA) has become a voice for the mountain biking community of the North Shore with the goal to maintain trails. As a volunteer, Not-for-Profit organization we carefully allocate funds and labour to where it is needed most. Our work includes the continued revitalization and maintenance of our existing network, adapting trails to sustainable trail building standards and improving connectivity through new trail projects. We develop trail networks that provide challenge and progression while fostering our mountain bike culture and community that embraces our sport as a positive force. Besides maintaining trails, much of our work in the last years has focused on developing beginner & intermediate options that were noticeably missing in our inventory. Now it is time to honor our heritage.

Every dollar counts towards our goal of $30.000. This money will allow us to pay for the labor, tools and equipment needed to bring the old lines to new splendor for us and future generations to enjoy. The NSMBA is a registered Canadian charity and all donors contributing over $25 will receive a donation receipt via CHIMP.

Thank you.


“Our work is never done.” – Todd ‘Digger’ Fiander