Dear Sponsors, Donors, Volunteers, Members, Trail Pass Holders & Trail Builders,

Without you we would not be celebrating our most successful year to date! 

Thanks to your support, the NSMBA has become a leader in the emerging field of sustainable trail solutions. Beyond the hard physical work embarked upon this season to continue the revitalization of our network, educational initiatives like the Builders Academy have driven our progress, increased our community capacity and expanded our reach both locally, regionally and provincially.  

Over the last few years we have seen a rebirth and a mobilization within our community. New leaders have emerged and new programs are driving these expanded efforts.  Our graduates from the Academy now make up the Shore Corps and will continue their hands on training through work on specialty projects.  The Trail Adoption Plan has transformed nearly 30 trails this year alone with a collective total of nearly 90 TAP trail days involving thousands of volunteers.  Our experienced team of NSMBA Builders have led these efforts including 9 public trail days in 2014 with nearly 500 volunteers in attendance!  We are rebuilding the Shore from the ground up and it wouldn't be possible without your support.

Your contribution, in whatever form, drives these efforts as we expand our work to equip our builders and our Community with the tools and the resources to achieve our mission: Trails For All, Trails Forever!

Thank you for your continued support to ensure our trails will be enjoyed for years to come.