Thanks to all of our builders and volunteers that came out this month to help keep the trails in prime condition for summer riding!

If you’re looking to attend a Trail Day, we have our last Work Wednesday this upcoming week on July 20th! Check out our Events Calendar for all upcoming events.


Trail Updates below:

Dempsey Ascent

Building culverts for the trail.

Filled trail bed, rocks and roots with mineral soil.



Drainage features were dug out and cleared.

The trail was raked clear of small rocks to improve the riding surface.

These berms had become eroded and were difficult to ride. New mineral soil was used to provide a more supportive corner and fill in rock armour that was pulling out.

Natural High

The backside of the wooden cribbing had eroded to create significant steps. They were filled with mineral soil.

Trail users were widening this section of trail by avoiding the rock armour. Two low-consequence, progressively more difficult skinnies were constructed beside the trail to discourage the trail erosion. These features will provide good practice on skinnies for beginner riders that are fairly accessible from the parking lot.

Griffen Ascent 

Trail Tread repairs


Drainage improvements

Reverse grades – to help mitigate erosion additional reverse grade reversals were built


Baden Powell – Expresso to Boundary

TAP Sponsor: Lululemon

Completed climbing corner. Removed organic material and replaced with mineral soil.


The Skull 

Community Trail Day

Cribbing on corner (Lower Skull) had failed. Replaced with rock retaining wall

Trail tread improvement


For the Kids

TAP Trail Day

Replenished trail surface with mineral soil, filled and covered roots to protect and provide a smoother riding experience in line with a green climb trail.



Lower Griffen

Youth Trail Stewards

Lifted trail to lower grade by adding rocks, topped with mineral soil. Renaturalized with ferns and blocked trail braid on right.

Lifted trail to protect the roots of nearby tree by adding rocks, topped with mineral soil.


Roadside Attraction

Youth Trail Stewards 

Removed rocks from a number of sections to smooth out trail and use rocks for other projects.

Raised trail surface with rocks and topped with dirt. Renaturalized with ferns to close the highline.

Lower Expresso 

General trail tread maintenance. Replenishing eroded soil



TAP Day: Telus

Berm scaled, raised, angle steeper, large quantities of mineral soil added and tamped. Finished with moisture retaining moss on the berm top.



TAP Sponsor: Mosaic

Continued Work Wednesday drain work, added and tamped mineral soil so the water would flow into the new drainage ditch added to uphill left.


Installed reverse grade then enhanced drain. Added and tamped mineral soil to middle of trail.


Lower Digger

Tap Sponsor: Traction on Demand

Fixed up the berm and run-in we enhanced on the last trail day, fixed the landing on the big roll/jump.



TAP Sponsor: Steed Cycles/Santa Cruz Bikes

Topping up the trail surface with mineral soil in areas that were showing wear or erosion.


Added armouring to areas that see heavy braking, before topping with mineral soil. The trail was also redefined in a section where riders were shortcutting a corner, with the shortcut being renaturalized and closed off to avoid further braiding in the area.


Middle Griffen

Youth Camps

Drainage on riders right overflows onto the trail during major rain events. Create a rock retaining wall, infilled with smaller rocks and topped with dirt. Add cribbing below, filled with rock and topped with mineral dirt.



Thank you everyone!