The trail crew, with the help of a lot of volunteers, have done awesome work as usual this month, including the completion of the new Lower Digger reroute. They’ve also built-up and strengthened some of the berms on Lower Expresso and added new dirt to keep the flow flowing. Whenever you see people working on the trails, be sure to give them a big thank you!

We had another successful Backyard Collective trail day this year with forty-five volunteers from The Conservation Alliance lending a helping hand to Bridle Path.

Read more about how the day went, and what the Backyard Collective & Conservation Alliance are, HERE.

May has been full to the brim with Trail Days, our Work Wednesday series, Trail Academies, and Youth Trail Stewards sessions. Way to go everyone!
We are very lucky to have so many fantastic volunteer groups lend their time and effort to caring for the North Shore trail network.

Big thanks to the community for supporting the network through memberships, donations, and volunteer hours, and to the TAP sponsors who fund the trails and bring out helping hands to keep the trails amazing year after year.

Here are some of the trail days we’ve had this past month:

  • Bobsled w/ Telus
  • 7th Secret w/ More Bikes
  • Boogie Nights w/ Traction on Demand
  • Dreamweaver w/ Arc’teryx
  • Bridle Path w/ Sony Images
  • Dempsey w/ Mosaic Homes
  • Baden Powell w/ Norco Bicycles
  • Leppard w/ BGC Engineering
  • Crinkum Crankum w/ Sophos
  • Boogienights w/ Kona Bicycles
  • Bridle Path w/ The Conservation Alliance

Find a date and time to join us on the trails by checking our Calendar.

If you see any any maintenance issues on the trails be sure to report it via Trailforks! It’s the best way to alert the builders of any work that needs to be done.