Join the NSMBA on June 23rd to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of Ladies Only on Fromme Mountain. Meet at the water towers at 10 am and get primed for the group ride down the trail that started it all here on the Shore back in ’92. Digger’s unique approach to trail building spawned the free ride movement, giving a generation of riders the canvas to push their limits. It was Ladies Only that began the ‘North Shore style’ that is today emulated around the globe. There has been no other more influential trail builder than Digger and it’s your chance to join in the party and give thanks personally to the man who built the Shore from the ground up. Joining us will be a number of riders from the NSX series as well as local pros to ride the revitalized Ladies Only. After party will be at the Narrows Pub in North Van, not the Lynn Valley legion as originally stated.  Party starts at approximately 12:30pm and is proudly sponsored by Okanagan Springs. The NSMBA would like to thank artist Nigel Quarless ( for the donation of his art work to create the Ladies Only commemorative poster and of course Digger for his decades of pushing our limits.