Logo Use Policy

The North Shore Mountain Biking Association (NSMBA) logo represents the stewardship, education, and sustainable trail solutions that the NSMBA prides itself on. As an organization that is focused on the needs of the community, our logo is available for fair use with the following reservations.

For any questions or concerns, please contact info@nsmba.ca


When is permission not required?

  • Personal use of the logo without any modifications of the logo
  • Educational use of the logo

When is permission required?

We ask that you contact us at info@nsmba.ca for permission for any uses not listed above, including the following:

  • The logo’s size, usage, or placement implies that you are affiliated with the trademark owner, or that you’re being endorsed by the NSMBA.
  • Any for-profit or commercial uses such as promotion, advertising, and marketing
  • Any alterations of the logo
  • Any re-hosting or sharing of the logo

Proper use of the logo

  • Clear space – please keep an appropriate amount of clear space around the logo to keep it identifiable  
  • Size – please ensure the logo remains clear and non-distorted
  • Please do not modify or remove any elements of the logo
  • Please do not add any new elements to the logo
  • Please do not modify the current colours of the logo without permission

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