A new climbing line has been created on Fromme with collaboration between the DNV and the NSMBA.

Thank you to Rocky Mountain Bicycles for hosting a public trail day in October.  Facebook pictures here.
This is to be used by riders exitting from Immonator instead of descending on the Baden Powell.  To clarify-all riders are to please use this to climb to exit at water towers.
It is an ascending only trail and is not built to handle downhill traffic as the corners are climbing corners, therefore too tight for descending and therefore will require heavy braking which will destroy the trail tread.  Please help us work together as a community to keep it climbing only.

Please exit by the water towers.  Please follow the new trail signage that leads bikers to the new trail head near the water towers.  We ask for your cooperation with this to ensure continued positive relations with area residents as well as the DNV.  

The area to the west has been deactivated by the DNV to alleviate sustainability issues, but primarily due to the infringement on private land.  Please stay out of this zone as the forest rehabilitates.

Thank you to Devon Campbell for the creation of the map.

Please note: the water tower trail on the map refers to the one on McNair, not Mountain Hwy.