Trail Updates are back! Now that the snow is lifting and the days are getting longer, builders and volunteers are putting in some work out on the trails. Thank you builders, volunteers and the Trail Crew for your awesome work!

Check out what’s been happening up on the mountain below:

Lower Ladies 


Floppy Bunny


Natural High 


Baden Powell 


Upper Oilcan


Lower Digger

Ladies Only


Ridge Runner

Ramble On

Project 1

Project 2

During reroute project: trail bed was scratched out, low side was supported with rock rip rapping, rock bridge over drainage supported by cribbing and back fill, trail surface elevated with rocks.

Project 3

Project 4

Drainage features constructed and cleared, eroded section picked apart and regraded.

Project 5

Base of rock armouring was eroding, providing a difficult punchy start to the next climb section. The armouring was extended and capped with mineral soil.

Project 6

Tree and rock booter constructed to bypass tree were both cleared


Mystery DH


Jersey Shore / Mystery DH reroute. Trail Flagged, final route selected. Extensive chainsawing to remove blowdown,
debris, and logs in the way of the trail. Bench cutting the entrance. Peeling logs to act as supports for the entrance.
Logs held in placed with 3 and 4 foot rebar pounded in the ground. Rock work and gold dirt work and shaping.


Warden’s Climb


Crinkum Crankum



Clearing trees


Executioner Exit



Clearing Trees



Cracked and broken slats were removed and replaced to ensure rider safety.


King of the Shore

Exposed roots and rocks crowned with dirt

Project 2

Water flowing down trail causing erosion. added reverse grades, drainage ditches and filled eroded spots with fresh dirt.

Water flowing down trail causing erosion. removed rocks, added reverse grades, drainage ditches and filled eroded spots with fresh dirt, naturalized with ferns

Rocks removed, reverse grade added and topped with fresh dirt


Check out this awesome bridge replacement time lapse on Ladies only. Shoutout to our Trail Crew!


Spring is around the corner and so are Trail Days! Keep an eye out on our Events Calendar to sign up for some upcoming Trail Days and show the Shore some love!

Thank you the TAP (Trail Adoption Plan) Sponsors who brought their teams out and the volunteers who put in so much work this past month!
Floppy Bunny: Sombrio Cartel/Obsession Bikes
Natural High: RBC Wealth Management
Upper Oilcan: Super Alloy Racing, Stendec Racing
Lower Digger: Traction on Demand
Leppard: BGC Engineering Inc.