Team Arc’teryx continues improvements on Lower Dreamweaver
Much work has been completed over the past 6 months, building upon the years prior to bring many trails to a sustainable standard.
The NSMBA wishes to acknowledge and thank all builders and volunteers and of course our corporate sponsors for their hard work and support to make these improvements. There has been some heavy lifting but thanks to many hands, we are making some huge progress. Should you have any questions or input regarding trail work, please email or Our work is governed by our Mission and Vision which we reflect upon often and will provide you with an understanding of our community focussed approach.  If you want to learn more about our work, please visit the NSMBA 101 document for an indepth understanding of the scope of the NSMBA and the work we do.

May has been another productive month, including a public trail day on Dale’s Trail thanks to Norco John Henry Bikes.  Areas targeted include the rock bypass and the bottom exit to the powerlines. Find out more details HERE including a brand new Norco Aurum giveaway thanks to Norco John Henry Bikes.  It pays to pitch in!Seymour Updates


Metro Vancouver has hired Joyride Bike Parks to realign Upper Dale’s to the swamp. This work will be undertaken as a machine build and the old line will be decommissioned. This section will be closed from June 9 to early July.  Riders are asked to use the east entrance to access Dale’s.

Water damage has taken it’s toll on Upper Dale’s.

Fromme Updates


Improvements have been made to Upper Griffen led by Digger, Brent Hillier, Sean Gerke & Alex Lamarre thanks to support from past grant funding from Sacré-Davey Engineering and now current adopter Comor Sports.

Drainage and tread improvements have been conducted along the length of King of the Shore led by Sean Gerke & Alex Lamarre made possible thanks to current TAP adopter Lynn Valley Bikes.Expired bridges are being replaced on Lower Griffen Switchbacks.

Digger has been busy weaving his spell improving bermage on Expresso and tackling some blown out cribbing on Lower Ladies.

Magic on Expresso thanks to Digger.A concentrated effort to improve Lower Dreamweaver includes a minor re-route, new bridging, drainage and dirt work.

May was a busy month despite the lack of rain to moisten the dirt. TAP work continues to make improvements on 28 trails and recent work has been implemented on Pingu thanks to the Raven Neighbourhood Pub, Lower Oilcan thanks to Rocky Mountain Bicycles, Bobsled thanks to Telus, Skull thanks to Steed Cycles, Severed D thanks to NS Ride & Different Bikes, Floppy Bunny thanks to Sombrio, the descent to Forever After thanks to BC Bike Race, tread improvements on Expresso thanks to MEC & Shox and recent work on Ladies Only under adopters & Toyota BC. Thanks to support from GIANT Canada, Ol’ Man Pete has finished the new line on Kirkford, creating a vastly different experience and building on his great work from 7th all the way down through Leppard and Crinkum. Whew…our community is getting some great work done! Big thanks to our 2015 TAP Build Leaders for your vision.

Our ears are always to the ground so please let us know where you would like us to address our work in the next few months.  As we enter the dry season, it becomes increasingly difficult to conduct dirt work.  If there are any hazards out there, please report on and we’ll be alerted and take care of the problem in short order.  We welcome your feedback and aim to serve the riders and all trail users in the community.  Thank you to all of you who have chosen to become a member and support these efforts.  Thanks to you, the Shore rules!
In other news, the NSMBA Builder’s Academy paid a visit to Cumberland and Vernon this spring.