This month meet Vince. For the past two years, Vince has been taking care of the Griffen climb on Fromme. But his dedication to caring for the North Shore trails goes back to the beginnings of the NSMBA. Vince was at the first NSMBA trail day, which might surprise you to learn, was on Coiler on Cypress Mountain. Vince has also been behind the scenes as a passionate advocate for the trails serving on the NSMBA Board of Directors in a variety of roles, including Director of Advocacy and President.  

How long have you been riding? Building?
Vince: about 25 years

How did you get into trail building (that project)?
Vince: In the early days you just went out… NSMBA trail days were the real catalyst

Favourite place ever ridden (not the shore)
Vince: Anywhere with a trail is my favourite, pick one that’s not the Shore – The La Sal Mountains in Moab

What trail building feature or project are you most proud to have worked on?
Vince: Expresso rebuild

What’s one thing you’d like to see in in the future of the North Shore trail network?
Vince: Increased connectivity and the ability this brings to link up our trail network for mega rides

What’s your favourite trail building tool? And why in three words or less.
Vince: Shovel – dirt, dirt & dirt

What’s the most rewarding aspect of trail building?
Vince: Giving back to the community & seeing the trail change with the efforts of your person

What’s the most frustrating aspect of trail building?
Vince: Not having enough time to do as much as I would like to

What’s your favourite trail building catch phrase?
Vince: It’s Digger’s “dirt flying in the noonday sun”

After “have fun”, what’s the best piece of advice to people riding trails?
Vince: Smile