Exciting News: Zahava Barwin Joins Our Team as Partnership & Event Manager!

We are thrilled to announce a valuable addition to our team – the talented and dynamic Zahava Barwin, who will be taking on the role of Partnership & Event Manager. Zahava brings a wealth of experience and a passion for creating meaningful connections and unforgettable events.

👥 About Zahava Barwin:  As a kid, Zahava  learned how to ride mountain bikes at Buckwallow in Gravenhurst, Ontario. Her initial exposure to the North Shore came from watching Drop In TV in the 2000’s. While working for a local shop in Toronto during university, she rekindled her passion for riding through the trails of the Don Valley. Now, with over eight years of work experience in the bike industry, Zahava has developed a profound appreciation for the sport and its wide-ranging communities.

🌐 A Visionary Professional: Zahava’s vision aligns seamlessly with our mission, and her strategic approach to partnerships and events is bound to bring innovation and excellence. Her commitment to creating impactful experiences for all is a testament to her dedication to both our team and our community.

🤝 Building Bridges, Creating Memories:  Zahava will play a pivotal role in shaping and executing our upcoming events and collaborations. She believes in the power of relationships and the magic that unfolds when people come together. Her expertise will undoubtedly enhance our ability to build lasting connections and curate events that leave a lasting impression.

Welcome, Zahava – we are thrilled to have you as an integral part of our team!

Deanne Cote
Executive Director