New North Shore Trail –  Cabin Fever Technical singletrack trail developed by Martin Newman & Neil Gilchrist supported by the NSMBA.

The Shore’s latest and greatest: CABIN FEVER.


Martin Newman; “The Cabin Trail project has been a dream come true. Metro Vancouver allowed the NSMBA and I, as the builder, to change the trail with new sections and features to enhance the riding experience. During this work, we hatched a plan with Metro Vancouver for “Cabin Fever,” a 250m Black Diamond connection from the CBC trail exit down to Cabin Trail, complete with a Double-Black huck off a boulder! We wanted the trail name to include” Cabin” to help associate it with the trail it feeds into, and “Cabin Fever” is what some of us trail builders feel when we can’t find time to get out and work on the trail. I must thank Kristina at Metro for her support and trust in both “Cabin” projects, for letting us build a new creek crossing from on-site materials, and for “Fever Drop.” Thank you to Neil, who came out as a volunteer at a trail day last summer and has worked through the sun, rain, snow and dark with me (and others) to bring this trail to the network.”


Cabin Fever connects from CBC exit to Cabin Trail (TNT), bypassing Pinch Flat Alley (Enquist). The new trail Includes several rock features and an optional 5ft rock drop.