An often requested trail connection bypassing the steep and technically challenging entrance to Severed D opened this week. Twinning this section provides a continuous “blue” option for riders wishing to connect to Asian Adonis or John Deer while the original line continues to provide challenge for riders seeking a steeper more technical descent. The connection has long been a goal of permitted builders Martin and Penny, who built the new trail with support from TAP sponsor La Bicicletta and the NSMBA Arc’teryx Trail Academy and the Race Face Shore Corps. The bypass, called Dickie, begins at the junction with the Baden Powell trail and merges back into Severed just before the turn-off to C-Buster and Asian Adonis. Be sure to check it out on your next lap of Severed!

A freshly built section of trail with an inviting berm
A mountain biking riding through a corner down a fresh section of trail towards the viewer
Dickie on