The NSMBA is proud to announce the completion of a trail reroute on Seymour Mountain.  Thanks to a grant from TD Friends of the Environment Foundation, the NSMBA trail crew has recently completed the first phase of what will be a four phase project ultimately resulting in a five kilometre cross country trail loop on Seymour Mountain. The loop will have sections of varying difficulties, but the main focus will remain on developing XC trails that are fun to ride and will stand the test of time on the North Shore.

Work on the new re-route began in December of 2009 and was aimed at creating an alternate route that appeals to all user groups by showcasing the natural beauty of the North Shore. Big rocks and some fun ladder bridges highlight the reroute. The new line enters off of and exits back onto the Bridle Path, near Cardiac bypass.  Initial consultation identified problem areas on the Bridle path and sought solution to the existing unsustainable route.  The solution outlined a new route on the adjacent ridge and a decision was made to focus resources and energies on the development of a reroute that would avoid the pitfalls of the old trail and provide a long-term sustainable trail. The initial stage has re-routed the downhill arm of the Bridle Path onto the adjacent ridge while remaining sensitive to the surrounding environment and providing a durable trail tread.  The entire trail is built using a “full bench cut”, which is the international standard for sustainable trail construction. Using modern best practices of environmentally sensitive building techniques, the loop undulates across the land’s contours, using upslope for braking while utilizing the grade to strategically dispel water.  It is a new era in trail building using ecologically sustainable techniques that minimize maintenance and increase sustainability over the long term.  Every aspect of the reroute took the high road in respect to environmental impact including replanting of displaced ferns and purposeful routing away from sensitive root networks.  The grade of the trail was minimized to prevent erosion from traffic on the trail and to ensure the speed of biker’s on the trail was controlled. The result is a trail that is a joy to be on and a trail that immerses the user in the environment and will last for many years to come.

At the NSMBA’s AGM in December, many voiced their desire to see trails that were more accessible to a wider range of riders. Also, the High School League of North Vancouver has been in desperate need of a proper XC training loop.  This new line directly addresses the interests of the cycling community. The grant monies will be exhausted with the completion of Sticks and Stones and we are asking for help from the community to donate for the next sections. Click here to donate (you can deduct the amount from your income tax).  With the help of volunteers from NSMBA, and donations from our benefactors, this project will optimistically be completed this year.  The first section of the reroute, named “Sticks & Stones”, is currently ready for riding.

Matt completed the project with help of volunteers, including Sean Gercke who is a graduate of the Capilano University Mountain Biking Program. In Matt’s own words, “Sean has shown great enthusiasm and dedication for the project. He is a great rider and great riders help contribute super fun ideas to trail design.” Matt deserves credit not only for completing the new route, he also wrote the grant application for this project.  Matt is proof of the positive impact one volunteer can make.

Replanted Ferns alongside the new line.

By working as a strategic partner with the community and the many user groups within it, our relationships with both the North Shore community and the landowners only strengthens. Please respect trail closures and be courteous to other trail users and we will continue to be seen as a positive, constructive member of the community, opening doors to greater dreams like this.