The North Shore Mountains are one of mountain biking’s epicenters; the natural environment has provided our community with one of the best trail networks on the globe. The North Shore has a long history of progression; our builders have imagined and then built trails which have captivated us and pushed us to think of what is possible on a bike.This progression has learned from the past to create a new future, a trail system that evolves and continues to push our imaginations. The NSMBA is proud to be part of this progression, over the past year much effort was placed on the repairing, replacing and re-imagining some of structures that are synonymous with our trails.  

This is part of our heritage and together we celebrate this!

The Gangler

Entry bridge into the Gangler

Built entirely by bow saw

Optional rolldown on the Giant Log on 7th

New exit from the Giant Log on 7th

Side shot of the Gangler

A new entry to the longest log ride on the Shore on 7th Secret

The Boogeyman Log ride with all new decking

The Drooler on Boogeyman

Anti-gravity exit on the Drooler

The new drop on Pingu

A new drop, a new landing

The Katy Perry table on Pingu

Table to step down on Pingu

Upper Oil Can gets all new decking

Upper Oil Can UTurn

The double stump on UOC

Many thanks to Berglind Hafsteinsdottir for the photos and ongoing support.

Many thanks to the DNV for the salvaged wood from the Fromme parking lot construction.

Many thanks to all of our builders for their hard work and imagination.