2014 Triple Crown – hosted by the NSMBA
We’re stoked to have the Triple Crown back this year. The goal with the Triple Crown is just to get out and ride, no check points, no times, no longest ever route, no pressure. It is an unsupported ride. There is no sweep, no guiding, no handholding, no lunch, no provided water. If you need help you had better call your mom. Pleass be preparred with food and water (reminder that there is water fountain at the base of Fromme). Ride in a group, if you show up solo introduce yourself to some new friends. Watch out for your fellow rider, again it’s a group ride, not an event.
The route is our loose interpritation of what people should ride, if your group feels like adding more or cutting it shorter no worries. Just come out and ride and have a fun time.
Triple Crown Route Description:
Start at 9am

Meet – Old Buck Parking Lot Seymour


Starting Point – Old Buck Parking Lot – SEYMOUR

Up Old Buck to 1st switchback, road to TNT, Dales, Foreverafter, Highschool back to bridal path, left to Hyannis – down to river and up twin bridges (options on Bottletop)


Climb up Twin Bridges access the new trail south of the Plant and cross onto Bike path west of road avoiding Gazebo to Rice Lake Rd –

Twin Bridges to Rice Lake Rd, End of the Line Cafe (first re-group spot).


From ‘End of the Line’ Store on Dempsey turning North up Underwood to West on Coleman then onto Hoskins connecting with McNair and onto Mountain Hwy to the water tower (option on climbing McNair via Griffin)

Up the gravel of Mountain Hwy to Executioner Trail, descending to Dream Weaver then heading west on Baden Powell to Mosquito Creek and continuing Down Skyline to Mount Royal Drive or to Grouse Parking Lot, then Cleveland Dam. (second meeting spot – food can be grabbed at the Store on Mount Royal, just off of Capilano Rd – thus the descent down Skyline Road)

Re-Group POINT 2 – will be located at Cleveland Dam.


Entering West Vancouver at Cleveland Dam finishing at Horseshoe Bay



Climbing from Cleveland Dam, stay right on gravel and curve around to the metal fence, stay along the fence until you reach pavement.  Turn right through BP’s onto Glenmore dr, left on Morven Dr past school, left on Glangarry Cres back to Glenmore dr heading south on Bonnymuir, this intersects with Southborough Dr/ Stevens Dr. Turn right then right onto Kenwood Rd, right on Elveden Row to a right on Eyremount Dr to the corner of  Millstream  Rd  – here you will see a trail head – take the Millstream Connector Trail heading across to First switch Back on Cypress Bowl rd. Up Cypress Bowl road to the second switchback.

Take the gravel road through the gate, about 2-300 meters up drop into Slippery Canoe this comes out on a gravel road, just across the road is another trail with a slight uphill, take this to the next road crossing, directly across and just to the right is Tall Cans – drop down to the next road, a little to the left 40 feet the trail continues – when you reach the next road turn right and take that out to the powerstation, once past the power station on pavement turn right, cross bridge over CYPRESS Falls and turn left – take this road for a couple of km’s, just before the trans Canada trail there is Nelson Creek to the old highway, turn right on old highway, on the left will be some stairs, they will take you down to an old reclaimed rail trail, from here you will progress to Eagle Heights above Horseshoe Bay, continue straight into Horseshoe bay for the celebration.