Lots of trail days this past month, so a major thank you to the community for volunteering your time to give us a hand on the trails, we hope you had a blast! 🙂

Always a thank you to our builders and Trail Crew for their consistent hard work up on Fromme and Seymour!

Check out some trail updates below. 


High School Legue

Photos by Joe Woywitka

Lower Digger

Photos by Trevor Hansen



Photos by Trevor Hansen


Braemar Exit

Photos by Karen Gilich



Photos by Sarah McLeod


Meat Sweats

Photos by Kevin Johnstone, Mark Alderton


Lower Griffen

Photos by Brent Hillier, Rob Donovan



Upper Griffen

Photos by Brent Hillier


Forever After 

Tom Ferenc

Project overview: Closed down braids, built up riding surfaces to protect exposed roots, built up drainage on riding surfaces where puddles were forming.



Photos by Tom Ferenc

Re-route completed on the climb up to Bottletop. Grade reversals were added to assist drainage. Sections were decommissioned and naturalized.


Big Stupid

Photos by Sarah McLeod

Lower Oilcan

Photos by Joe Woywitka


Check out our Events Calendar to sign up for some upcoming Trail Days and show the Shore some love!

Thank you the TAP (Trail Adoption Plan) Sponsors who brought their teams out and the volunteers who put in so much work this past month!
High School League: LIV Cycling
Lower Digger: Traction of Demand
Expresso: MEC
CBC: Metro Vancouver
Forever After: Rocky Mountain 
Bottletop: Ridgeline Events
Lower Oilcan: RBC