The Fall Academies are now complete.  In total, the NSMBA conducted 11 Builder Academy theory sessions in 2012 delivering the curriculum to a total 187 graduates.  Of the attendees, 20 are from the WMBC in Bellingham, 20 from FVMBA in the Fraser Valley and 20 from the NS Hikers/BCMC/Friends of Cypress Provincial Park/Old Growth Conservancy.  Practical sessions with Build Leaders Matt Preston & Chris Barker included 5 Academy build days doing work on the North Shore trails.

Reaching out and connecting with other groups is an important part of the Academy to ensure the knowledge base grows in the community for all user groups to care and maintain our trails.  Teach a man to fish…

The curriculum focusses on environmental care and maximizing sustainability, taking pride in your work, the understanding that building is a privilege and the forest is a shared resource.  The fundamentals and their application are essential to building the foundation of knowledge to care for the trails. 

All users impact the trail – maintenance is essential to ensure ongoing sustainability.

The NSMBA would like to thank Arc'teryx for their support of this initiative.  We would also like to thank the Land Managers of the North Shore for their support of this curriculum.  To the 187 graduates who are now the Shore Corps, educated and at the ready, thank you for your keen interest and genuine concern for the future of our trails.