On October 11th, the NSMBA presented the North Shore Trail Adoption Plan to an International Delegation at the IMBA World Summit.  A total of 350 delegates from around the world joined together to share ideas towards sustainable solutions for the sport.  Mathew Bond, NSMBA President, and Mark Wood, NSMBA Program Manager, presented our story of success here on the Shore.  The TAP program has grown exponentially in the past two years, now involving 23 Adopters who are doing major restorative projects on 19 trails.  “Today we represent not just the NSMBA, but the hundreds of volunteers who are driving TAP forward,” said Wood when addressing the delegation.

Mathew Bond & Mark Wood in Santa Fe New Mexico.

The Summit also provided an opportunity for the NSMBA to learn from other groups and build upon their current successes.  “We need to take things to the next level,” says Bond.  Attending sessions on Relationship Building with Land Managers, Coalition Development, Sustainable Building, Community Involvement and many other significant and pertinent topics, the NSMBA has once again reinvested in itself to continue building on the already significant momentum within the organization.

The NSMBA would like to thank Chad & Deanne Lazuruk, IMBA Canada Trail Care crew for their support to drive the NSMBA to present at the Summit.  The NSMBA would also like to thank IMBA Canada for their continued support and all of the volunteers and supporters who make TAP happen.