Do you support Mountain Biking in North Vancouver?  We do.
Please join us in Council Chambers on November 18th to let DNV Council know you are one of many in the community who support the continued development of the sport here in North Vancouver.
On Monday November 18th at 7pm, the NSMBA will present to City Council for 5 minutes.  
Location here.

It is your chance to speak for up to 2 minutes prior to our presentation to let Council know you are a voting member of their contingency and you support the continued development of our trail system, the health and economic benefits of the sport for our community and the necessary budget required to continue our maintenance efforts to care for and develop the trails.  
To register to speak on Nov 18, arrive prior to 630pm and simply sign up.  You are not obligated to speak for the full two minutes and it may be as simple as saying “I am a voting resident of North Vancouver and I support the continued support of our sport by the DNV.” Even if you don’t speak, if we can fill Council Chambers, we can send a clear message that we are a healthy and growing group within the community.  Mountain biking is no longer a fringe sport.
As a key presenter on November 18th, the NSMBA asks for your support and input prior to our presentation on the following topics:
Parking on Fromme
We support Council to look closely at a solution to the long standing issue and the parking ban above Coleman, instituted as a temporary measure in 2001.  Safe & easy access is essential for all user groups, plus events require adequate staging and facilities. The present turn around circle by the water towers on Fromme is not adequate for large events. If Dempsey is to be our future staging ground as proposed, then trail development in that area is essential for broad based user access including staging facilities and trail access to both the 6th switchback as well as the yellow gates on Mtn Hwy.
Economic importance
The North Shore is a World Heritage Site for mountain biking, not only bringing visitors from around the world but encouraging people to move here, drawn by our trails and easy access to wilderness.  Tourism benefits our local economy and creates a vibrant economic climate for many NS businesses.  Industry gravitates to our Shores expanding our tax base as well as attracting healthy, intellectual people to call the North Shore home, thus improving our community and shared quality of life.  Council is right to support these economic benefits through regular funding to care for, maintain and develop our trail network including access for all users and adequate facilities to serve our residents and visitors alike. 
Your attendance is welcome and encouraged at this event.
After presenting to Council we invite you to join us at the Queens Cross for some good times and frothy libations with our compliments! 
Any input prior to our presentation can be sent to