Summit at the summit.  EMBA & NSMBA.
The NSMBA met with Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance and Whatcom MTB Coalition on July 15th & 16th to share ideas to improve our efforts to grow as an organization and to improve opportunities for our sport.  EMBA is a regional leader in trail development and has created many community programs that promote the sport while fostering a culture of care for the trails.  The WMBC is thriving with an extremely healthy community of builders and riders that are a model for stewardship and a model of a community working together.

Thank you to Scott Edison, Justin Vander Pol and Executive Director Glenn Glover from EMBA for taking the time to discuss positive strategies and shared challenges. Playing host to NSMBA Program Manager Mark Wood and President Vince Beasse, EMBA was proud to show their new trails on Tiger Mountain. 
Thank you to Eric Brown, WMBC Trail Director and the entire WMBC Board of Directors for some wonderful southern hospitality and as usual, sublime trails.  WMBC have adopted the TAP model and are seeing great progress with the program including 20 adoptions in the first year of operation!
The NSMBA believes strengthening relations with other Associations only betters our collective opportunities.  Sharing our challenges and discussing our regional differences encourages critical thinking that will lead to improved operational strategies and ensures we will direct our resources appropriately.
Keep up the great work EMBA & WMBC, your leadership and growth is inspiring.
Executive Director Glenn Glover gives the lay of the land on Tiger Mtn.   
Eric Brown & Vince Beasse enjoy some cross border hospitality before dropping in!
   Scott Edison, Mark Wood, Glenn Glover, Justin Vander Pol & Vince Beasse.