Massive thanks to all of our builders, volunteers and trail crew who put in the hard work on the trails this month.  Thank you to all of those that volunteered their time to give back to the trails. Keep an eye on our events calendar  for upcoming trail days!

All of this information is gathered from submitted work reports.

Pennzoil on Fromme Saw some much needed love, replenishing the trail surface after a very dry summer. The “new” exit is only a few years old and every year reveals new lines that get braided and lines that get super worn. Just above the new exit, the trail sees a lot of heavy breaking and erosion.  We added about 6-12 inches of new dirt to the trail surface and beefed up some grade reversals to help with shunting water off the trail in the impending monsoon season.


Meat Sweats on Cypress  Rebuilt the landing pad for the creek transfer jump.  Cribbed in with three large cedar posts, and a sawn in half cedar log on top.  Large rocks added back in, then gold. Start jump and landing refreshed.  Cleaned up, gold added. Two berms on the upper section of the trail completely rebuilt.   Moved further out, the radius of the berms improved for carrying speed.  Drainage reworked.

Lower Expresso on Fromme Re-shaping a problematic berm on the lower portion of the trail. This corner did not allow riders to carry speed due to the shape and exit of the corner, causing riders to brake heavily further impacting the corner. The entrance to this corner was extended and pushed uphill slightly, along with the exit of the corner being extended. This change allows riders to properly set up and utilize the corner without the need to brake as aggressively. Patching and minor touch-ups in the vicinity of the corner worked on were also completed, filling in braking holes and areas of the trail surface that had been eroded over the summer months.

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