The NSMBA are proud to announce the opening of the "Good Sir Martin" climb on Seymour.

The climbing only, single-track trail begins from the top of Penny Lane and exits onto the Baden Powell trail 1.5 km later just above the Boogieman entrance. Riders can now climb all single-track up the west side of the mountain via Cardiac Bypass, Academy Climb, Rapid Transit, RTC, C-Buster, Penny Lane, and Good Sir Martin. Another option is to climb from the Bridle Path via R & R Climber to C-Buster. Though the trail is strictly uphill only for bikes, it's also intended to provide a quieter route for pedestrians in either direction, away from the DH trails.

The name, "Good Sir Martin" is a play on words from "Good Samaritan Trail" (the hiking trail now know as Severed D), and the lead builder's name. The trail has been built with 100% volunteer labour totalling 1,500 hours over the past 8 months, under the watchful eyes of NSMBA Builders, Martin Newman and Penny Deck. Martin and Penny would like to thank Lindsay, John, Alex, Maddy, and Kartier for all their hardwork.


Photos by Euan Forrester