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We are a​ volunteer​ driven ​non-profit organization​ dedicated to caring for a sustainable trail​ ​network within the​ ​community.

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DNV Seymour Strategic Trails Planning for 2021

DNV Seymour Strategic Trails Planning for 2021

On Monday Dec.14th, the District of North Vancouver (DNV) will be discussing a staff report proposing Seymour Strategic Trails Planning in 2021. . As maintainers of multi-use trails across all land managers on Seymour, the NSMBA supports the need for this process; we...

Trail Jargon of the Month – Dab

Trail Jargon of the Month – Dab

DAB /dab/ verb. . Essentially the Mountain Biker's version of a mulligan. The classic do over! . Perfection is the goal, and when it comes to riding that means keeping your feet on the pedals. Unfortunately, roots and rocks can act as ‘flow’ killers and a dab is when...

December 2020 Trail Update

December 2020 Trail Update

Near the end of each year, we go through the process of renewing our work permits with the land managers of Fromme and Seymour in order to continue caring for the trails. But how does this process work? Every trail has at least one builder (typically two) who is...