photos by Vanessa Carrington

On Sunday October 17th, the second general trail day on Pangor saw some spectacular results.  Nearly 50 volunteers were on hand at 9am for coffee and muffins supplied by our friends at Different Bikes and Bean Around the World coffee.  CCN and Race Face were both on hand to help with the efforts on the trail showing their support.

Dieter Bahr, Sean Gurke, Peter Morin, Todd Fiander (Digger!) Darryl Marlatt and Daniel Lui led crews to repair erosion, disperse water, as well as slat and string structures in ill repair. 

Someone got a brand new Sombrio jacket!  Thanks for coming out Katie!

Top of the mornin lads!

Role call 9am at Different Bikes.  Thanks for the rocket fuel Andy and Bean Around the World!

The old bridge sits below the new, wallowing in the swamp, happy to have served her many years.

The swamp bridge is now nearly fully replaced and significant holes and trenches have been filled throughout the trail. Sections with advanced decay have been replaced. Where water was running freely down the trail, exacerbating erosion, drainage and diversion techniques have been used to alleviate the problems including crowning grade reversal, drainage pipe and ditching.  Rotted stringers and log rides were replaced, but there is still more work to be done in this area in particular considering some of the wood is nearing 10 years old.

Hi ho, hi ho!

Digger was hard at 'er!

Rob from Race Face worked hard all day PLUS gave away some stellar gifts-including these HAWT cranks!

The end of day raffle draw was filled with amazing gifts for everyone who attended thanks to our sponsors:

Different Bikes, Race Face, MEC, Arc’teryx, Norco, Ryders Eyewear, Devinci, Sombrio, Suspension Werx, and Marx Conditioning.

A true shredder!

Race Face held a special prize drawing at the end including anodized bars with matching shirts plus an orange anodized crankset that was dead sexy!

Shirt & bar combo in purple!! Yes, the carpet does match the drapes!

A small crew of us who worked on the trail did a Test Eagle lap just before sunset and the trail is running faster and flowier than ever.  Special mention goes to Darryl who worked closely under Digger’s lead to crib and armour a heavily eroded fall line section that leads to a step down between the trees, which, thanks to their work, is running very sweet now. 


There is still more work to be done, but the trail is being revitalized through the efforts of the volunteers who participated over the two trail days.  Thank you to everyone who made it a success!

Johnny "Downtown" Housser hangin' loose.


Dirk is at virtually every trail day, that is when he's not on a humanitarian mission in a third world country!  Good hearted people like Dirk make the world a better place!

These guys worked their arse's off all day to get this section done!  Way to go Darryl, Digger and the boys!


Digger.  Rockin!

Lunch Time!

CCN in the house!  Thanks Phil!  The hole where Phils foot sits is now filled and my bike no longer goes KA-LANG when I drop it!

We struck gold boys!

Nice work guys!  This area got armoured and filled with gold.  Buttah!

Lotsa love for Pangor!

Team Race Face doing some great water diversion!  Thanks boys!