Message from Cooper Quinn, President of the NSMBA

This year the Association accomplished an incredible amount. Between rebuilds of classic woodwork, record Fiver attendance, record trail days, being nominated for awards, and super successful new events (Oh, and you all saved teeter totters) I think it’s been a great year on the trails, hopefully you agree. We also set revenue records – as well as spending records. 

Leading and managing a giant group of kitten……. volunteers is not an easy job, and we threw Lindsay Blair into the deep end, and, she swam! We couldn’t do what we do without strong staff – both our trail crew and administrative support. 

I look forward to leading the Association in the coming year, and work with our employees, and everyone who stepped up to volunteer their time and donate their vision to the board of directors. 

Let’s all work together to be ambassadors, to be outstanding citizens, and represent our sport in the best way possible at all times. Let’s make our sport  and the NSMBA an easy choice to support for volunteers, parents, elected officials, public servants, and other trail users. They’re all our community. Speaking of, can I get a hand for the permitted independent trailbuilders as well? 

I’d like to thank all the financial supporters of the Association; without you, the Association would be unable to have the impact it does. 

Thanks as well to our government partners and land managers; without you we would be unable to do the work we do. 

And last of all thank you to our members; it’s only with your support and license that we can continue to operate. We can’t do it without you. 

2020 will be a key year for the Association. We’ve got some adjustments to make, but we’ve got a strong foundation. I hope to come to this meeting next year with a strong strategic plan in hand, more amazing work on the trails, and continued growth in volunteers, events, inclusivity,  and membership. Oh, and maybe I’ll try and ride my bike occasionally. I hope to see you out there!


“Cooper Quinn”

Cooper Quinn – President