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Gift a Membership to your favourite Trail Lover! How Membership Gift Cards work:

  1. Purchase a NSMBA Membership Gift Card for your favourite trail lover!
  2. Provide your recipients email address to send a NSMBA Member invite directly. Check the box to send out a Gift of Membership email on/after December 25th.

What is a NSMBA Membership? With a current membership, you are giving back to the trails and supporting the work that keeps them open and accessible to the community. This includes:

  • Directly supporting our engagement with land managers and other stakeholders to ensure their continued support and investment in the trail network
  • Paying professional trail builders to lead maintenance projects and trail days, ensuring the trails remain open, safe, sustainable, and FUN!
  • Helping with the purchase of materials, tools, and equipment for our builders and volunteers to use for regular maintenance, projects, and trail days
  • Purchasing insurance that allows the NSMBA to conduct yearly operations (e.g. regular trail maintenance), trail days and activities for our members (e.g. Fivers)
  • Ensuring the admission to our community focused events (Fivers & more!)
  • Voting rights for our Board of Directors election at our AGM

Memberships are valid from date of purchase to the same date the following year.  That means that your membership is valid throughout the peak riding and events seasons! Thank you for supporting the North Shore trail Network!

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