Refer a Friend Drive – Begins February 14th

Thank you for your support in becoming a NSMBA Member. In 2015 we saw over 950 people become members to support the work on the trails. To do even better in 2016, we aim to expand our reach to 2000 members. The easiest way you can help us in achieving this is to sign up 1 friend of yours who also loves to ride the trails but has never been a member of the NSMBA. Share this post with them. Let the community know you support the NSMBA and encourage them to do the same. You will be rewarded for your efforts by bringing more support to the trails, more klout to our cause, and maybe even win a Kit from Race Face for you and your new NSMBA Member Friend! All they need to do is become a member today and name YOU (First and Last) as their reference. It’s that easy!


I have already bought my 2016 NSMBA membership what do I do?

Refer your friends!  Introduce your friends who have never* purchased a NSMBA Membership by sharing this post with them and letting them know they can use you as their reference when purchasing their 2016 NSMBA Membership. WIN WIN! Each additional friend is another chance to win.

I am purchasing /renewing my 2016 NSMBA Membership now and have previously been a NSMBA Member, what’s in it for me?

First, thank you! We appreciate your continued support on the trails. Now get your friends involved too for a chance to win a Kit from Race Face. Share this post with them, ask them to become a new member and use you as their reference to WIN!!

What if both me & and friend are new members?

Great! One of you can become a member first and then use them as a reference when purchasing the second membership. One chance for you both to win!

If I have purchased my 2016 Membership through the Refer a Friend Drive can I refer a friend who hasn’t purchased theirs for a chance to win again?

HECK YES! The only catch is that the friend who you refer has to have not previously* had a NSMBA membership.

What does “Kit” mean?

Kit refers to a three piece outfit : Jersey/Top, Shorts/Bottoms, and gloves or pads all based on availability.

When do we find out who won?

The winners will be determined by a random draw and will be announced in our June newsletter, on facebook, instagram and twitter. We will work together with the winners to determine the Kits based on sizing, and availability.

*never/not previously = not a NSMBA member on record since 2014.