It’s up to all of us to be upstanding citizens and ambassadors for mountain bikes in our Shore community. So always follow the rules, respect all parking regulations and remember that people live very close to our recreational areas.

Access is a privilege, not a right so always: 

-Respect the surrounding neigbourhoods and residents

-Respect all parking regulations

-Ride responsibly

-Leave no trace

Be Nice, Say hi

Any time you set off into the Great Wide World on your mountain bike, you’re an ambassador for everyone on a bike. A biker often has more impact on a hiker’s experience than vice versa. If you haven’t ever done it, go for a walk on Seymour or Fromme some sunny Saturday, and you might see why some trail users don’t love mountain bikers. 

So, straighten up and fly right, folks. The trails on the Shore are packed with all types of trail users, and it’s only gettin’ busier. Be Nice, Say Hi to ALL our trail loving friends in the community! If your riding buddies missed the memo and blow past some other users – apologize to the other users, and then do a bit of self-policing and have your friends check egos in the parking lot next time. Call ‘em out on this kind of behaviour. They can try and snag that personal best another lap – it’s not worth someone’s puppy.