72 feet long roller coaster on Ladies Only
You may have already come across one of our latest projects on the Shore: the “72 feet of doom”  – roller coaster on Ladies Only!

This piece of art replaces an old structure that lasted for a mindblowing 16 years! “It was time for it to retire”, says Digger, who built the initial structure only using a bow saw, a hammer, and an axe. Together with the help of local trail builders Pat Podolski and Sean Gerke, it took them five days to build the new structure. Constructed by approximately 150 slats and total length of 72 feet, it is the longest roller coaster on the Shore, stealing the title from ‘the Monster’, another roller coaster feature on Lower Ladies.

The name ‘72 feet of doom’ was devised when Digger quoted former hockey announcer Howie Meeker. Back in the day, he referred to the madness on the ice between the goals as the “180 feet of doom out there.”  Although not as mad, we all love the new name for the latest family addition.

Ladies Only has been worked on and brought up to new building standards over the summer without lacking any of its world renowned gnar. If you dare, ride it! You will not be disappointed by this classic North Shore gem.