The NSMBA wishes to thank local North Shore firm Sacré-Davey Engineering for their funding support to restore targetted areas on Upper & Lower Griffen and Roadside Attraction.  With a focus to address erosion and expired structures, this funding will improve conditions on the trail to better align the trails with a blue/green rider experience while at the same time improving sustainability through water dispersion.

This work will continue upon improvements made in the area including the ascent trail built by Rocky Mountain Bicycles in 2013. This will also build upon that hardwork already undertaken in 2011 by Matt Preston and the more recent improvements by Academy grad Michael Stormer.  

Sacré-Davey is committed to North Vancouver and the outdoor lifestyle and believes that Community involves citizens and corporations, working together to improve our trails for all…
Work commences this month.

Some areas that will be targetted:


Examples of drainage issues to address

After structure assessment, this bridge requires replacement.


More drainage issues on Baden Powell above ascent trail.