TAP 2011

TAP 2011 – First Year!

Many of the trails on the North Shore were built over a decade ago. Our wet winters and high number of trail users have taken their toll. We are embarking on a revitalization plan to improve the current state of the trails.  New, sustainable lines will replace unsustainable sections, decaying structures will be replaced or removed, and erosion undone.

Many positive projects are in the imminent future to return the Shore to its legendary status.  Starting with the Trail Adoption Plan.

As Stewards of the Trails, it’s up to all of us.

We invite you to join us by playing a key role in this era of renewal. The Trail Adoption Plan partners your organization with an NSMBA Trail Maintainer to revitalize an adopted trail.

Recap of TAP in 2011










Trail Adopter Maintainer Landowner
Boogieman Sean Gerke District of North Vancouver
Bottletop and

Ridge Runner

Daniel Lui and Daryl Marlatt Metro Vancouver
Circuit 8 Matt Preston Metro Vancouver
Corkscrew Mark Wood Metro Vancouver
Dale’s Trail NSMB.com

Todd “Digger” Fiander  & Jerry Willows Metro Vancouver
TNT Tyler Wilkes & Chris Barker Metro Vancouver
Team Pangor

Sven Luebke and Chris Barker District of North Vancouver