TAP Builders Ready themselves for 2012 Season

 The 2012 TAP Builder season briefing took place this Thurday evening, Jan 26 at the Metro Learning Center at Rice Lake.  A total of 15 builders will lead the efforts to restore the Shore continuing the work on Seymour and adding another 12 trails on Fromme, with a total of 21 Adopters. 

2012 TAP Builders:

Peter Morin
Chris Barker
Liam Mulally
Pat Podolski
Seb Kemp
Peter O'Loughlin
Jerry Willows
Matt Preston
Earl Allen
Sven Luebke
Sean Gerke
Daniel Lui
Darryl Marlatt
Mark Wood

Many thanks to Metro Vancouver, the DNV & BC Parks for their continued support of TAP and the upcoming Builder's Academy.