On behalf of the NSMBA builders, staff and board of directors, we want to express out gratitude for your support and faith in the work that we did this year. 

Despite it being one of the most challenging years the community have ever faced, your support has enabled us to give our trail crew and builders the resources they need to keep the dirt, rocks and cedar flowing, expand our membership base past 2500 for the first time ever and continue to adapt to an ever changing World.

Because of you, the NSMBA has been able to continue our work through the COVID-19 pandemic, making sure that the trails are safe and fun for everyone (especially now that we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of people heading to the trails), and keeping up our advocacy work to maintain great relations with the local land managers and pushing for exciting new projects!

Because of you, we are heading into 2021 in a strong position with a dedicated and experienced team ready and excited to face the unexpected in our collective quest of “trails for all, trails forever”!