In 2011 the NSMBA‘s membership was 66.  In 2015 the NSMBA grew its membership to 953 members.

As of today we have reached 1000 members, this is half way to our 2016 goal of 2000 members!

Why is membership so important?

  • Strong membership numbers enable the NSMBA to speak with Land Managers with a stronger voice. In joining the NSMBA you provide the community with an added voice to help the NSMBA advocate for the trail network.

  • Strong membership numbers enable the NSMBA to maintain the trail network, membership and trail passes help fund the NSMBA’s trail work.

To ensure ongoing care of the trail network a 3 pronged approach to funding is crucial:

  • Land managers

  • Businesses

  • Members

In 2015 members & the NSMBA contributed 42% of the money raised, this is a great sign as our organization and its members are leading the charge in the raising of capital for ongoing trail care and maintenance.

In conjunction with the business support (TAP & contributed support.) our community raised 69% of the funding to help care and maintain the trail network.

This is crucial and demonstrates to the Land Managers that we are an active and dedicated community. This is very powerful and goes a long way to creating long terms partnerships with the Land Managers.

In having all facets of the community invested in funding trail work we establish a strong dynamic that will ensure the trail network continues to be best in class.

This is the North Shore.

If you are already a member, thank you for your support!

Please consider becoming members, all of us together can really make a difference.