They're BAAAACK!  And better than ever.  Here's why.

The format will be MUCH less daunting this year.  We will no longer be timing the climb or the trek back to the watertowers.  The only portion that is timed is the actual trail itself, starting from about 100 meters back to the bottom of the course.  Now you can take your time to get there!  Let's make this less about the race and more about getting out and creating a greater sense of community among bikers.

The races will be easy to plan for.  Just remember that on the first Saturday of every month, you have plans to come ride the Toonie!  The Toonie in June is in conjunction with WEA, so the June race is a much bigger event.

This year we have 7 shops (READ THAT AGAIN…7!) sponsoring the series!  There will be much more going on at the staging area and all those sponsors will no doubt bring great prizing for the participants and volunteers.  The tents should be a fun place to hang out before and after and if you bring anyone that just wants to hang out while you race, they can do that as well. Yay for Steed, North Shore Bike Shop, John Henry, Lynn Valley Bike Shop, Obsession Bikes, Dizzy and Dunbar stepping up this year!!  We couldn't do this without you! 

Andrew and I are moving to an apartment at the bottom of Fromme.  How convenient…for you!  We'll have a BBQ and some drinks in our new backyard after the races.  After last year, I learned that the things that are important to a good apres are meat, beer, prizes for vollies and racers, children being welcome, dogs being welcome, meat and beer.  and meat.  and beer.  So our backyard seems like the best option given restrictions on cooking and drinking on the mountain (we've got to stay on the up and up.)  Hmmmm….maybe we can get our backyard a beer sponsor…. Andrew??

More info will come as we have it.  A special thanks to Keith Dunn Outdoors for his maps.  Your logo was accidentally left off this poster, but will be added before it goes to print.  Same goes for Contact Printing!