The NSMBA was also chosen to participate in the Thriving Non-Profits program run by Scale
Collaborative and supported by the West Vancouver Foundation.

“Thriving Non-Profits is a learning program developed by non-profit leaders for non-profit leaders. The
program transforms organizations into financially powerful agents of change by exploring and
implementing entrepreneurial revenue diversification strategies. Financially diverse organizations
become more sustainable and resilient to support their mission and create deeper impact in the
communities they serve.”

This program aligns with our Strategic Plan priority of Financial Resilience beyond the initial goals that
were chosen. While we are currently doing some things well, this program is getting us to take a much
closer and strategic look at where our funding is coming from and where there are opportunities for
growth we may not have even considered before. Having a more diverse funding plan will ensure that if
we suddenly lose a funding stream, we won’t be left in limbo. This will help ensure “Trails Forever”.

For more information on the Thriving Non-Profits program, you can visit the website HERE.

I am so very excited to participate along with staff and a few of our directors to kickstart the year by
tackling these two complex priorities within our Strategic Plan. To be able to push growth in these areas
can only mean positive change as we continue to strive for greater inclusivity within our organization,
our membership and extending out into the broader mountain bike community.

Deanne Cote

NSMBA Executive Director