Trail Crew Update

January - February 2022

Dreamweaver, Drainage and Dismounting


January continued the trend of relatively dry conditions, which we weren’t complaining about! The trail crew picked up where we left off before Christmas with continuing work on Dreamweaver. A few sections that have been trenching out were backfilled, braids were reclaimed, the tread was given a general refresh, and of course, DRAINAGE. We’ve pulled out more than a few iceberg rocks, but all in all this trail just keeps on surprising us with easy digging!  It’s been an enjoyable project where we’ve been able to get creative and put our brains (or whatever braincells we have left) together to come up with a fun and accessible trail experience. We’re hatching plans for a few new features, so keep an eye out! The crew will be working on various other projects for the next while to give the sponsor, Arc’teryx, a chance to come out for a few trail days this spring, but our time on Dreamweaver isn’t done yet!

            A reminder on trail etiquette when approaching builders: please SLOW DOWN when you see ‘trail work in progress’ signage. We place that signage to keep both you AND us safe! If the section of trail isn’t safe for you to ride, we may ask that you walk your bike around our worksite. It’s important that we can communicate with riders, so please slow down and say hi!


Sarah McLeod

Crew Lead & Trails Director

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