Trail Crew Update

October 2022

Augtober, answered rain prayers and lots of rocks.


All those rain dances worked, because we officially have rainfall! The storm system coming in late this month was much-needed – however, given the prolonged period of dry weather, the gold soil (which we ironically use because of its hydrophobic qualities) is having a hard time soaking up that moisture. This means that with high volumes of rainfall in a short period of time, much of the dirt will simply be washed away. Please try to avoid riding during high amounts of rainfall in order to preserve the dirt that we’ve spent months trying to throw on the trails!

            The crew spent Augtober predominantly on Boundary doing some much-needed rock armour and wood repairs! If you pass them on the trails, give them a big high-five – they’ve been moving crazy amounts of heavy rocks all month, and their backs are feeling it! Some tricky wood work was orchestrated to fit in between the roots of a large Douglas Fir, protecting it from wear. We unfortunately gave up Joe to his real day-job, but the crew soldiered on without him with some cribbing and – you guessed it – more rock armouring. The official unofficial Crew Dog Nelly gave her final input on some wood projects, but will be staying home out of the rain for the rest of the season The tarp came out of storage so that we could stay relatively dry while we constructed a new (old) ladder bridge off the Boundary Egg rock right at St. Mary’s. 

            A big happy 30th anniversary to Ladies Only! Make sure you head over to Digger’s website to snag a sweet limited-edition Ladies Only jersey – guaranteed to give you a clean Ladies ride and a “Right onnnn!” from Digger. Available HERE.

            Enjoy that hero dirt, and see ya out there!



Sarah McLeod
Crew Lead & Trails Director

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