Words by Chris Barker                                                                                             Photos by Dieter Bahr

It’s always satisfying to see good things happen to good people. Come to 3 NSMBA trail days and you’re entered in a draw to win big…. REALLY BIG, as Dale Nagata found out. Knolly Bikes stepped up again in 2008 donating one of the sweetest and most drooled over frames out there – the Delirium-T.

Dale wasn’t actually able to make it to the AGM, ironic because he was the only volunteer to show up to every trail day the NSMBA held in 2008! When Dale’s name was randomly drawn, the question was briefly raised – should we draw again to pick someone who’s at the AGM tonight?As much as every person there had been anxiously waiting to hear their name called in the draw only moments before, this notion was quickly stomped to the ground with the feeling only likened to casing a 30 foot gap. A resounding NO! erupted from everyone in the room who knows Dale and how committed he is to keeping the North Shore trails flowing. What a great feeling of community & pride!

Dale is a pretty humble guy and tends to fly under the radar so it wasn’t until the next morning that he found out via trail day coordinator Steve Sheldon about his new ride. The night before we were all excitedly trying to get a hold of him but he didn’t receive any of the messages… perhaps he was already asleep dreaming of sexy curves… of a Delirium-T that is! Steve showed Dale the lucky draw and Dale sat there for a minute or two before finally accepting that it was really him and not a prank (fyi – don’t ever joke about winning a Knolly, you’ll never be forgiven!).  Dale has been riding for 7 years and now that he has his Knolly he really feels confident that his level of riding will supersede what he has accomplished in the past. When Dale finally got to pick up his frame from Noel, Bryan & Chris of Knolly Bikes he wasted no time in getting it built up…. and what a sick build it is!

– Fox TALAS 36 R fork
– Avid Elixir CR brakes
– DT Swiss E2200 wheel set
– SRAM X.0 shifters
– SRAM X.0 rear derailleur
– Shimano XT front derailleur
– Shimano SLX crank set
– still window-shopping for handlebar and stem

The day he picked up his bike his patience to ride lasted less than a day. Even though it was mid December, the next morning he took his rig up Seymour to test it out. There was no way that 8 inches of snow could stop him, but we’re pretty sure the Knolly can take some of the credit. Since he picked up his new ride Dale has mentioned he feels really proud to be a part of two amazing organizations, the NSMBA and Knolly Bikes, both of which clearly show they are here for the trails as Dale will be for many years to come. Dale made it out to every NSMBA trail day in 2008 plus a bunch of BMBA trail days too and we’re certain there will be more organizations he and the NSMBA will be supporting throughout 2009. Maybe we should limit Dale to how much trail work he can do so he can get out riding more? Dale also received a Steed Cycles Dakine Trail Builders Pack as he has been a consistent helper in many projects outside of trail days.

We were excited to see Dale riding his Knolly Delirium-T so NSMBA’s Dieter Bahr and Chris Barker decided it was time to get out for a ride with him. It seemed fitting to ride “Dale’s Trail” on Seymour mountain (no he’s not that Dale in case you’re wondering, but equally deserving of having a trail named after him if anyone is!). Dale’s was chosen not just because of the namesake, but because this trail throws a bit of everything the Shore has to offer at you before spitting you out the bottom, and we wanted to see what Dale and the Delirium-T were made of. Not a moment went by that Chris and Dieter didn’t comment on how they felt so privileged to ride with a Knolly….. rider. This is a sick bike and there was nothing it couldn’t handle even if the rider had to reconsider. Dale mentioned in the few rides he has had he has felt his confidence and ability increasing, and even after tumbling down into a creek he kept on sending it!

By the time we got to the bottom there was no doubt that A) Knolly’s kick ass  B) Dale kicks ass  and C) we’re all jealous but really happy for Dale!

Congrats Dale and we all look forward to working with you on the trails again this year!