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Trail Map Evolution

Initially the NSMBA and the local riding community debated the idea of producing an updated trail map. These debates have been ongoing for a long time. It was, and still is, a contentious issue. Many opponents of this idea have stated that trails and the location thereof should only be passed along by word of mouth. Many proponents of the idea have stated that knowing trail locations will distribute rider traffic and will therefore spread out “wear and tear”. We recognize and respect both sides of this debate.

Now this controversy has become a moot point as detailed maps for general sale to the public have been recently released and others are soon to follow. Accordingly, since maps are now available to the public generally, the NSMBA has decided to provide maps to members (and the public) to capitalize on the opportunity to promote trail advocacy including trail etiquette and the need for volunteer support for trail maintenance activities. Due to the increasing popularity and use of the North Shore trails, these values are vital to the sustainability of the current mountain biking scene on the North Shore. These maps are provided free of charge with an optional donation. Charitable receipts can be provided on request.

The NSMBA maps are intended to address perceived deficiencies in previous maps and are produced in order to:

  • spread users through out the trail network to distribute rider impacts
  • alert riders as to hiking trails to help prevent user conflicts
  • provide stream and watercourse names to enhance environmental awareness
  • identify parking areas to aid riders to find legal places to park and plan their ride
  • identify noteworthy topographical features, and city streets
  • provide further ride guidance
  • increase awareness of trail etiquette
  • alert riders as to opportunities to help in trail maintenance
  • indicate NSMBA recommended trails for current riding season(i.e. trails generally in better condition and/or that have been recently maintained).

Guided rides are available free of charge through many local bike shops. Paid guided tours are also available from local outfitters. It is recommended that anyone new to the area seek some form of first hand knowledge to ensure the safety and enjoyment of their trip.

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