Photo: Mike Wakefield North Shore News 
On Sunday, January 04, 2015 at approximately 5:00 am, acting on video evidence submitted by two members of our mountain biking community, the North Vancouver RCMP arrested a 64 year old female at the head of Quarry Trail on Fromme mountain for allegedly setting up hazardous obstructions, in the form of logs and rocks, on biking trails over a period of several months.
The NSMBA urges all members and trail users to be aware that the individual accused in this case has not been formally charged.  While mountain bikers and other trail users may be understandably angry about the actions of the apparently intentional sabotage, the matter is now with the RCMP and will soon go before the Courts.  In this regard, the NSMBA is asking our community for patience and restraint while the case moves through the legal system
We believe these actions by one individual do not represent the current harmony that exists between the varied user groups in our community.  We share the forest with many users and the NSMBA would like to remind our community of the importance of courtesy and respect for all. Our stewardship is cognizant of this varied usership and efforts have been made in past and will continue to be made by the NSMBA to work with other user groups including hiking groups, trail runners, conservancy groups, environmental groups and other mountain clubs.
Our work is aimed at improving our trails for all users and much of this work is focused on multi use trails.  Our Mission statement continues to reflect our broad based community approach: Trails for All, Trails Forever. Our ongoing efforts to work collaboratively with the District of North Vancouver, Metro Vancouver and BC Parks to restore and revitalize our trails continues to support our Vision statement:

The NSMBA is a voice for the mountain biking community of the North Shore. We protect and maintain the trails as environmental leaders, focused on sustainability through education & action. We develop trail networks that provide challenge and progression while fostering mountain bike culture and a community that embraces our sport as a positive force.

We will continue to work with the respective Land Managers and the broad based community to seek solution to trail issues and work positively towards harmonious solutions that serve our community here on the North Shore and beyond.