The NSMBA is proud to be partnering with Trailforks to provide the North Shore riding community with the best information, maps and trail date. This partnership will enable the NSMBA to keep advocating, maintaining and improving our trail network. Check out the maps here!

Trailforks is a trail management system for riders, builders and associations. It aims to provide the very best tools to inventory, maintain, promote and showcase trail networks. Tools such as statistics empower each group to have accessible data to show local city councils, governments, tourism boards and parks, conveying the popularity and potential economic impact of cycling on their area in order to receive further support to grow trail networks.

Trailforks is not just any trail mapping website, it's a user contributed database that puts the control into the hands of the people who have worked so hard to preserve and maintain the trails we love. Did you know that many trail Associations don't own the GPS data for the networks they support. Many areas have maps owned by private interests and not all, if any, of the profits make it back to the associations. Trailforks' mission is to provide a direct funding model to put 100% of the money back into the association. On Trailforks users can directly support the people that are swinging the hammers and digging the dirt to maintain and preserve the trails we all love to ride.

Why another Trail Website?

Trailforks is built by mountain bikers for mountain bikers with a singular focus on mountain biking, providing unique features, a modern design and a focus on maps. Trailforks is created and supported by Pinkbike; a large, well-known name in mountain biking that has the resources to make this project a success. With the experience of running a site used by millions, Pinkbike gives Trailforks the technical power to make the site fast and highly available. Pinkbike will ensure Trailforks' longevity, with no requirement for it to be self-supporting. So many other trail sites have come and gone, never taken off, have paid access to useful data or are locally focused. Trailforks is free, world-wide and automatically integrated with tens of thousands of photos and videos already on Pinkbike.

The goal is to offer unique features and tools to help promote local clubs, business and trail supporters. Trailforks promotes associations on both trail and region pages, and encourages users to join and/or donate. Trailforks also promotes local products like physical maps and guidebooks. Ultimately, it's about promoting your region and growing the sport of mountain biking. Associations can use Trailforks to help serve the locals that support them or promote their community as a mountain bike destination, boosting local economy.

We have been in open beta over the summer and Trailforks is already the largest directory of mountain bike trails in the world, with over 13,000 trails. There has been a bunch of enthusiastic users mapping their local riding areas, now is your chance to join them!

We are only getting started!